The Things Which Would Make NBA 2K17 Better

The release of the latest version of NBA 2K is much-anticipated with the hope that some features will be improved and some issues will be resolved. It is but logical to note that players have faced certain concerns in the 2016 versions without mentioning how hard it was to get NBA 2K17 Locker Codes. Since the release of NBA 2K17 is just a few weeks away, gamers are hopeful that the developers and the publisher itself should have remedied what needed to be addressed:

  • Face scanning – a lot of people have said that the face scan is much better in NBA Live 16 compared to the installed scanning in NBA 2K16. Some even commented that the NBA 2K15 scan was much better. The main issue here is finding the proper lighting.
  • Legends – Although some NBA 2K17 Locker Codes Generator Online allows you to access legends, there are some which cannot be unlocked in various modes. Game prompts that ask you whether to include rewards legends r not makes you wonder why these where not automatically added in most modes.
  • Olympic theme – It is undeniable that the Olympic themed mode will be included in the 2017 version but players and gamers are dying to win the gold in the simulation game. The players should be allowed to choose the country they want in order to garner a gold medal.
  • Position-guided career – The journey to MyCareer should be experienced as per the position you choose. For instance, the goals should be different for a center as compared to a wing player or a point guard.
  • Animations – There should be a perfect balance concerning physics and animation in order to mimic the smooth flow of the game in the NBA2K versions. A lot of simulation games have tried so hard and yet only NBA 2K came closer.